I like this photograph because the light and image somehow seem to capture the sound of the bluegrass jam at the Atlas Cafe in San Francisco last Thursday. The photograph was taken by Wilfredo Sánchez Vega, and the fellow at the center — the one most in focus, the one for whom the light rays seem to part, the one with, yes, the banjo — is none other than Ben Collins-Sussman, Subversion developer extraordinaire and well-known speaker on topics open-source. He also played a darned good solo that night!

Atlas Cafe bluegrass jam

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  1. iBanjo » Blog Archive » More, MOAR Bluegrass! Says:

    […] Finally, when I was in Bay Area last week (a standard visit to Google HQ), I got word of a monthly jam at the Atlas Cafe in San Francisco. I drove up with some other Googlers, and we crowded onto stage with 15 other musicians. I always love the thrill of playing songs you’ve never heard before — all by ear. And then they force you to take a solo anyway. […]

  2. Jack Repenning Says:

    […] the one with, yes, the FOLDING banjo! […]

    Dang, did you guys lose my phone number or something?

  3. Karl Fogel Says:

    Aaaargh, I can’t believe we didn’t call you, Jack! Sorry. Just so used to thinking of people in South Bay as being in a different country… (you may hit me now). Next time!

  4. Kragen Javier Sitaker Says:

    “Benjo” is a slightly rude Japanese word for “toilet”. Maybe you should change the title so you’re not calling Ben a toilet?

  5. Karl Fogel Says:

    Heh. I have no idea how high the chances of wordplay in one language meaning something unrelated in another are, and ordinarily wouldn’t worry about it. But since you took the trouble to point it out (thanks), I’ve changed the title and URL. The latter is kind of a sin, and I should really make a redirect from the old URL, but I’m too lazy.

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