Thanks for clarifying, Orbitz.

Orbitz screenshot.

This flight starts and ends at different airports.”

Well, that’s reassuring…

4 Responses to “Thanks for clarifying, Orbitz.”

  1. Ben Collins-Sussman Says:

    What they really meant was: “this *trip* starts and ends at different airports”, which is unusual. Most airlines expect journeys to be perfectly round-trip. Just bad wording on Orbitz’ part.

  2. Karl Fogel Says:

    Aaaaah. Thank you.

    I wonder what would happen if I tried to book a flight from and to the same airport, though. Let’s see, how about a round-trip from SFO to SFO?

    An error has occurred while processing this page. Please see detail below. (Message 1500)

    You gave us the same city/airport for your departure and arrival. Please check the information and try again. (Message 1020)

    I kind of like their error message strategy: a human-readable message, followed by a code clearly intended for their programmers. Maybe Subversion should do the same thing?

  3. Steve Gibbard Says:

    The Mount Everest sight seeing flight I went on a few years ago was labeled on the boarding pass as “from KTM to KTM,” I think.

  4. Karl Fogel Says:

    Hah! So it is possible!

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