Launchpad is now open source.

For those wondering what I’ve been so busy with the last couple of months:

Everything I’d say here I’ve already said there :-).

4 Responses to “Launchpad is now open source.”

  1. C. Michael Pilato Says:

    Congratulations, Karl!

  2. Karl Fogel Says:

    Thanks, Mike!

  3. Etienne Savard Says:

    Congratulations Karl!

    I didn’t know you were behind this initiative before visiting your blog. Good work!

  4. Karl Fogel Says:

    Thanks, Etienne! It’s Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical who made the decision to open source Launchpad long ago (it was announced in summer of 2008); I just helped do the release. And now help with the development community — see

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